Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Watermelon or Picnic Moving Memories Layout - Part 1

This is a great layout showing the fun of using Outdoors and More's new Moving Memories Kits, and is part two of a two part article. This part also uses Outdoors and More's new Moving Memories page.

This layout uses the Watermelon Moving Memories Kit. The Picnic Quick Cropper also matches well with this kit.

From the Watermelon Kit, get the Watermelon circle page and the Watermelon Rind page. Follow the directions in the kit to put the Moving Memories page together.

It's SOOOOO much fun to play with the Moving Memories and watch your memories flood back to you like a spinning wheel. Moving Memories are hard to show in pictures, they're just something that you have to hold in your hands and play with to live the entire experience.

To decorate the Watermelon Rind page, we used a piece from the Watermelon Seeds page just larger than 4"x6" that will frame a picture. (An additional hint: laying over this picture on the plastic protective page is a great place to add a couple of Outdoors and More's Portrait Foto Flaps. Read this Beach blog to learn how to use Portrait Foto Flaps or this Beach blog to learn how to use Landscape Foto Flaps.)

For this page, we also used the "I Think It's Time For Watermelon", watermelon thought bubble, "My Fruity Lover", and the row of watermelon seeds, all found on the accents page.

This is how the entire Watermelon Kit layout will look when placed side-to-side:
Have fun with this layout, I think it's one of Outdoors and More's best layouts yet.

Happy Scrapping!

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