Monday, June 2, 2008

Baseball/Softball Layout

With little league baseball and high school baseball and softball coming to a close this spring, here is a layout perfect for your little sports player. It entails a little patience, but the results are great (further down this article, we will explain how this same layout can be done much quicker).

For this, you will need outdoors and More’s Baseball Throw paper and a exacto hobby knife. With the exacto knife, cut out the frames for the pictures and the name of the sports participant. It is easiest to do this by flipping over the paper, drawing the picture frames and letters on the back, and then cutting it out that way. The easiest way to draw letters is by tracing some that have already been done.

Next, attach a white sheet underneath, and cut out frames from that leaving 1/8 to 1/4 inch border. Last, place your favorite photos of the athlete, and you are done.

It’s a little time consuming, but the white border and letters makes it look very elegant.

Quicker instructions:

Start with Outdoors and More’s Baseball Throw paper and Baseball Alphabet Cardstock Stickers.

Cut frames to go around your pictures, and attach to the Baseball Throw paper. Use the Baseball Alphabet to spell the name of the athlete, or the team name, and you are done!


This same design can be done with Outdoors and More’s Basketball Bounce paper and Basketball Alphabet, Soccer Kick paper and Soccer Alphabet, or Football Throw paper and Football Alphabet.

Happy Scrapping

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