Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Summer is just beginning, and that means many of us will go camping to our favorite camping spots or discover some new fun camping spots. This is a great looking layout - very woodsy, like a camping trip. It is simple to do, and looks great!

For this project, you will need Outdoors and More's Camp Out Quick Cropper, Antique Crackle paper, and other cardstock colors of your choosing.

Rip the antique crackle paper all the way around, and then matte onto a cardstock color of your choosing (we used brown). This paper is what really brings out the woods feel for this layout. It adds some fun character to the page, while highlighting the bark feeling of tree. For me, it feels like I am looking at an actual tree, like somebody decided to do a scrapbook page on the side of a tree for everybody else to enjoy as they hike past that same tree.

Prepare places for photos as seen on the example, and a one-inch strip near the bottom, as seen on the example. Add your photographs, and decorate with pieces from the Campout Quick Cropper set.

It's a quick and easy way to create a great looking camping layout.

Happy Scrapping!

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